Your Service Department: A Hidden Gem

Your Service Department: A Hidden Gem

It's a great time to improve your profitability in your Service (and Installation) department. In the past, the Service department had traditionally been a loss leader for most dealers and, therefore, represented one of the biggest and quickest opportunities for a dealer to grow their profitability. This remains true to this day, despite the fact that most full-service dealers have already transitioned their Service departments from a loss leader to a profit center.

5 Steps to Leverage Your CSR to Make Your Company More Money

Written by: Danny Silverman Customer Service Representatives (CSR) are vital to your operation, but do you really know why? At first you may have needed a dedicated trained professional to handle your customer calls, but as the world trends towards building an “experience” with brands, the CSR’s responsibility has evolved. They now troubleshoot service calls,…

CSR Training Tip: 10/70 Rule

During our webinar earlier last month, we discussed how to create an opportunity from extreme winter events. Click here to watch it again. One topic, in particular, that piqued the interest of the audience was the concept of the “10/70 Rule”. Before we go further, let’s take a quick step back. When you are in…