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Managing an Efficient, Targeted, and Profitable Marketing Plan


The only constant in our industry is change, and today everything is changing much faster than in the past – which includes your target market. Yes our target customer is still 45-55-year olds, but they are going to have different behaviors and needs tomorrow than they do now; from how you service them to how you market to them, it’s all going to change.

Is your marketing and sales team ready for these changes?

Join us as we help arm your company with the proper tools to understand and embrace your evolving target market. During this seminar we will:

  • Explain what your target market might look like in 5-10 years
  • Understand how to market to them in order to make your business worth more tomorrow
  • Score your marketing & sales department in order to determine what changes can be made to prepare them
  • Create a timeless marketing & sales process that can be implemented today and used for the next 10+ years

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I was able to come out of our meeting with George with a better understanding of how the price programs work in theory and more importantly, how it can benefit our customers and us.
–Jeff Godfrey, Reggie’s Oil Co., Inc.

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