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At Angus Energy, we combine our extensive knowledge of a wide array of industries including energy, transportation, farming, manufacturing, and commercial real estate with proven tools and strategies designed to improve business performance and profits. Specifically, our wide-ranging expertise includes managing risk from fuel price volatility to weather and precipitation uncertainty, as well as business intelligence and data analysis, financial management and a host of products and services designed to maximize your company’s growth.

Business prosperity begins with financial soundness, but the route to success isn’t always straightforward. In fact, it is often complicated and challenging. For 30 years, Angus Energy has helped companies like yours to grow — and to thrive. By helping you implement appropriate hedging programs, guiding your finance and banking needs, providing you with solutions, and consulting with your company on an ongoing basis, Angus Energy’s only business is to grow yours.

Angus Energy’s only business is to grow yours.

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The right tools to make smarter business decisions.


Deep understanding of your energy business.


Don’t make excuses. Make improvements.

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See why so many other fuel delivery and service business rely on BRITE to run their operations


So affordable you can use them on every tank. So easy and reliable you'll want to.

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The ONLY pay-as-you-go program in the oil and propane industries.

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Supplying natural gas in Florida with innovative pricing options to improve your bottom line.

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Celebrating 30 years in business

Written by: Phil BaratzIt was 1991, the Hubble Telescope was launched, Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls won their first championship, Super Nintendo was all the rage, "Dances with wolves" won the Oscar for Best Picture, and I had a new idea…My uncle Joel owned a...

Who needs monitors the most?

Written by: Philip Baratz, president of Angus Energy It might come as news that on average, 70% of all dealer operating expenses are directly related to fuel delivery.  These expenses include trucks (and everything needed keep them running) as well as Dispatch and...

It’s not the K!!!

Written by: Philip Baratz, president of Angus Energy The requirement to predict both consumption numbers based on heat usage in addition to baseload usage was ALWAYS difficult. Not only has it always been difficult, but this year it has become even more difficult. We...

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I have been offering a price protection plan to my customers since 1989 and have used various hedging methods throughout the years. During a very volatile year of pricing I followed Angus Energy’s Best Buy program which was the least stressful year hedging I have ever had.
–Dean L. Smith, Scott Smith & Son

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