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From operational analytics & business intelligence to finance & budgeting, as well as hedging & trading, Angus Energy has the solution you need to increase your bottom line.

For over 30 years, Angus Energy has helped our customers thrive by creating and implementing best in class solutions such as ADEPT™ algorithms, GREMLIN® tank monitors, BRITE® Business Intelligence, hedging programs, finance and banking consulting.

Angus Energy’s only business is to grow yours.

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Customer Testimonials

We recently launched the ADEPT delivery optimization tool in our BOS. The Angus team was super helpful and very quick to respond as we worked through the requirements of launching the tool through a delivery software that was new to their team. While the software has only been in production for 4 months, which are our slower delivery months, the Winter projections look great and we are very excited for the upcoming heating season and our future partnership with Angus.

Carrie Karoll

Shipley Energy

I have been offering a price protection plan to my customers since 1989 and have used various hedging methods throughout the years. During a very volatile year of pricing I followed Angus Energy’s Best Buy program which was the least stressful year hedging I have ever had.

Dean L. Smith

Scott Smith & Son

We were a little anxious to start this at the beginning of the winter, but Angus did all of the hard work, and from start-to-go was quick and easy. We’re already seeing more efficient deliveries.

Robert Spiegel

SOS Fuels

I was able to come out of our meeting with George with a better understanding of how the price programs work in theory and more importantly, how it can benefit our customers and us.

Jeff Godfrey

Reggie’s Oil Co., Inc.

* Testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other clients, and they are not guarantees of future performance or success. The testimonials provided herein are unpaid.

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To cap or not to cap…

by Phil Baratz There are several situations occurring now that we haven’t seen in a long time (maybe not ever), and they are leading to some questions that need to be addressed – now! Russia/Ukraine Iran/Venezuela Supply shortages Basis Blowouts Empty storage tanks...

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Basis Blowouts: Here to stay?

Is a “steady basis” a thing of the past? Will it return to normal? When might it happen? What if my supplier doesn’t offer me a fixed diff? What if I don’t want one? All of these questions are “top of the mind” as we plan for next winter. Visit us at our EEE booth...

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Prices spiked (again).  Now what should you do?

Prices spiked (again). Now what should you do?

  On the last day of 2021 the price of WTI crude oil futures closed at $75/bbl.  About 10 weeks later, the price had risen to over $90/bbl., and then just 10 days after that, prices traded over $130/bbl.  In a 10-day period in February, ULSD futures rose from...

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