Our Expertise Is Your Advantage

Angus Energy helps your business achieve greater profitability based on our extensive knowledge of the industry. We help you take profitability to the next level and protect – and grow – the assets you have.

Founded in 1991 by Phil Baratz, Angus Energy has guided businesses in the ever-evolving realm of heating oil prices. In 2008 the owners of Angus sold an equity portion of the company to a large reinsurance company to bolster our balance sheet, and to dramatically expand our offerings.

In 2010 Angus purchased TAG, now known as Angus Analytics, the industry leader in business intelligence and performance reporting. In 2011 Angus formed Angus Finance, providing services ranging from budgeting assistance and profitability analysis, to locating working capital support for your energy business.

Meet The Angus Energy Team

Angus Energy

Phil Baratz | CEO & Founder
Mark Bloom | CMO
Carlton Christian | CFO
Conre Christian | Staff Accountant
Elie Baratz | Accounting Manager
Donna Cohn | Marketing Coordinator

Angus Monitoring Service

David Montgomery | Customer Relationship Manager
Stephen Kurtz | VP Product Management, IT and Operations
Zack Baratz | Field Operations Manager

Angus Analytics

Bob Levins | Managing Partner – Performance Analytics
David Baratz | General Manager
David Clark | Business Intelligence Architect
George Xia | Senior Application Developer
Steve Rosendale | Senior Application Developer
Jody McGeachy | Customer Service Manager
William Lee | Application Developer
Allan Moore | Application Developer

Angus Finance

Rashaan L. Baskerville | Sr. Director
Srikar Vankamamidi | Financial Analyst


Ken Smigel | Account Executive
Danny Silverman | VP
Nicolas Pintabona | Account Executive, Hedging