An Embarrassment of Riches

Phil Baratz provides his insights from a 5-year collaboration with fuel distributors, showcasing significant improvements in operational efficiency and cost management through data-driven strategies.

Stop Thinking Macro; Start Thinking Micro

Stop thinking Macro – Start thinking Micro

In our industry, we often rely on averages: Average annual HDDs, gallons per delivery, time spent on service calls, etc. Sure, it's convenient but we should be asking if using averages makes things easier; “I would rather remember one number for the number of stops made per hour than look at every stop.” Interestingly, all those averages are derived from individual data points... Could focusing on the micro-level make us more efficient without overwhelming us with too many numbers?

The Dilemma of Unpredictable Delivery Sizes

The Silent Profit Killer

With consumption falling, governmental intervention increasing, and competition becoming wiser and nimbler, it appears the only true lever for a fuel distributor to keep their margins is by increasing prices. However, higher prices don’t help with the silent killer of profits in a world where others are managing those risks. How high will you be able to take prices to offset inefficiencies that are only getting worse? How long will it be till your customers wonder why the competition is cheaper?

Why Business Intelligence is Your Key to Operational Success

Imagine what you could achieve if you could easily combine all the information that is available about your operations and your customers. Business Intelligence (BI) is the solution that makes this a reality. It collects and analyzes data from various sources, transforming it into valuable insights that can drive your business forward. There are numerous reasons why businesses invest in Business Intelligence. Let's explore five of them...

Converting Metrics Into Money

Maximizing Profits – A Data Driven Approach

As operating costs continue to rise, efficiency becomes paramount to maintaining profits. Many fuel marketers are turning to their data to identify metrics and devise plans for improvement. Here are some simple points to consider...

2023: Year In Review

How do you describe a year that began with one of the warmest winters in recent history and ends with OPEC+ members signing off on an admittedly vague plan to phase out fossil fuels at COP28? My answer is… it was better than the prior two years! We are completing a year of relative normalcy…

Data, Data, Data

Data, data, and – oh, yeah – more data

They say history repeats itself and nothing is more true than when it comes to your customers. To maximize profitability, it is imperative that you look at your customer data history, leveraging it to find the ways you can increase your future profits. Weather history, degree-day history, delivery history, price history, equipment installation, and service history -- this data is your most prized possession. Not only is it your customer list and your “official record” of customer behavior – but if utilized correctly, it provides insights into their future behavior...

Are You Listening to Your Data?

Are You Listening to Your Data?

BRITE®, by Angus, utilizes YOUR data to give you timely insight into the key aspects of running your business. Built specifically for fuel distributors, it shines a light on Delivery, Dispatch, Service, Finance and Customers. Our easy-to-use dashboards are meant to be custom-built for each user based on their role and level in the organization.…