Optimize Your Deliveries

Deliveries need to be bigger – but not all of them

Keeping customers warm through the winter is the most important part of your business. So, it’s no surprise that deliveries are the largest component of your expenses. When you dig into ways to cut down on those expenses in many cases it comes down to making larger and (therefore) fewer deliveries. However, simply targeting larger deliveries may or may not be optimal and as such may not decrease but actually increase delivery costs! How do you define an Optimal Delivery?

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Who’s Monitoring Your Monitoring?

Tank monitors are meant to take away the uncertainty of asking yourself, “How much will I deliver to this tank today?” Better put, tank monitors put an end to the challenge of relying on questionable K-factor consumption calculations. If you know how much you will deliver to a particular tank, you can achieve the two most important improvements imaginable: increased delivery size and optimal fleet management.

A Modern Approach to Delivery Planning

A Modern Approach to Delivery Planning

Most fuel marketers still rely heavily on K-Factors to predict, prioritize and route their deliveries. This method of calculating next delivery based upon a mathematical formula has allowed fuel marketers to operate as efficiently as possible. But are K-factors really the most efficient option?

Unlearning Is Hard

Unlearning Is Hard!

Albert Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Almost 100% of the objections we see relative to our offerings are based on prior behavior that has become part of a company’s DNA. Routines and mindsets become rooted in consistent behavior and thought – people and…

Are You Listening to Your Data?

Are You Listening to Your Data?

BRITE®, by Angus, utilizes YOUR data to give you timely insight into the key aspects of running your business. Built specifically for fuel distributors, it shines a light on Delivery, Dispatch, Service, Finance and Customers. Our easy-to-use dashboards are meant to be custom-built for each user based on their role and level in the organization.…