Don’t forget to focus on your core business

Your biggest expenses are the fleet that delivers fuel to your customers and the wages for the drivers, dispatchers, and mechanics who make those deliveries and keep the fleet running.  In many cases, those expenses can equal 75% of all of your operating expenses.  You are (or should be) aware that there are new and modern ways to improve your economics.  The costs are minimal relative to the benefits, the implementation is fairly easy, and the results outweigh just about anything you can do with any other delivery and dispatch technology. 

You have a job opening for a position we can fill

Imagine you have a job opening for a position covering the followinf responsibilities: Pull data from BOS, budget, etc., create automated custom reports fshowing customer gain/losses, budget variances, delivery history, and performance, service data, analyze customer data for outliers, coordinate with dispatch team and BOS for "smarter" deliveries...

The Results Are In

Check out our inforgraphic showing how ADEPT ™ can improve your deliveries and your profits!

Deliver more with less

All companies share three things: Deliveries are smaller than anticipated, Tank size is treated with more importance than consumption, and There is excess capacity for eleven months of the year. Many are wondering what the secret to flattening the curve is...