Hedging & Price Caps

Hedging & Price Caps: Don’t Let the Complications Scare You Away

How do we retain customers? Start by looking closely at your most loyal customers and see what they have in common. As we’ve studied over 500,000 customers from over 150 dealers, we’ll give you a hint: The most loyal customers are the ones on Price Cap Programs! Wondering how you can introduce this powerful tool to your customer base or how it’s offered, hedged and tracked? Read more...

Press Release

Nicolas Pintabona Joins Angus Energy

Angus Energy is proud to announce that Nicolas Pintabona has joined the company as an Account Executive, Hedging. In this role, Nick will be focused on helping us leverage hedging opportunities for our current client list as well as helping to expand our footprint in the Northeast.

To Hedge or Not To Hedge

To Hedge or Not to Hedge…

When considering whether to hedge (or not to), it is important to review the following key factors: Variable Cost Structure: , Fixed Cost Structure, Inflation, and Interest Rates.

How Do You Make it Cold?

How Do You Make It Cold?

How Do You Make it Cold? You cannot control the weather, but you can control the impact the weather has on your business. There is an old joke about some guys sitting together talking about their “best” insurance scam escapades that ends with the line, “So, how do you make a flood?” (If you don’t…

Weatherproofing Your Business

Weatherproofing Your Business

All the planning in the world cannot help you sell more gallons when Mother Nature does not cooperate. When winters are warm, temperatures are what affect your sales. NOT planning, pricing, service or marketing efforts. There is a way, however, to generate revenue during a warm winter… Hedging the volume through “option purchases” on the number of heating degree days (HDDs) in your area.