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In recent weeks, fuel dealers had been lamenting the impact on earnings from an unusually placid winter stretch, with hopes buoyed in some respect by very favorable commodity prices. But seemingly overnight, the COVID-19 scourge which was critically impacting other parts of the world suddenly became very real. Now a pandemic, the virus impact has overtaken our local economies and is causing deep concern to
business managers. Jeffrey Simpson, our Managing Director of Angus Finance, provided this helpful article explaining some steps you can take to blunt the impact on your cash flow and earnings. Click below and access the full pdf document:

Angus Finance – Developing a Financial Battle Plan in Uncertain Times


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I was able to come out of our meeting with George with a better understanding of how the price programs work in theory and more importantly, how it can benefit our customers and us.
–Jeff Godfrey, Reggie’s Oil Co., Inc.

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