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Written by: Phil Baratz

It was 1991, the Hubble Telescope was launched, Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls won their first championship, Super Nintendo was all the rage, “Dances with wolves” won the Oscar for Best Picture, and I had a new idea…

My uncle Joel owned a heating oil company in Bayonne, New Jersey, he called me one day to let me know that one of his competitors (one without storage) was offering a capped price to their customers.  My uncle wanted to know how that worked and how he could do the same thing.  Angus Energy was born!

Angus of 2021 has the same objective as Angus of 1991: to make our customers more efficient, more predictable, and more profitable by providing industry leading products, services, and insights.  Our suite of services runs the gamut from hedging advice and trading, to financial advisory services, from business intelligence and remote tank-monitoring, to delivery optimization.  I am so proud to say that after 30 years and hundreds of relationships with heating oil and propane dealers, we still service our very first client (thanks, Tom!), and have grown the company from 1-person to a team of 40+ top industry professionals.

The world has changed a lot since the early 90’s.  In some ways our industry has kept pace, but in many ways it has not.  Combining Angus’ proprietary insights and never-before availability of data storage and processing power, our clients have access to the products and support they need to thrive in today’s unpredictable environment – and will be able to do so as they (and we) transition to future generations of leaders.

Thank you to our clients, investors, counterparties, staff, industry executives, suppliers, engineers, friends and even competitors who have all impacted us greatly.

The first 30 years are in the books, we look forward to the next 30 and beyond!

Let Angus Energy become your Trusted Partner to protect and to grow all the products and services you’ve worked for generations to create.



I have been offering a price protection plan to my customers since 1989 and have used various hedging methods throughout the years. During a very volatile year of pricing I followed Angus Energy’s Best Buy program which was the least stressful year hedging I have ever had.
–Dean L. Smith, Scott Smith & Son

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