A little over 2-1/2 years ago, Angus set out to dramatically improve the way fuel dealers deliver their products. We saw an opportunity to automate and optimize deliveries that would drive increases in profitability. Since that time, our team spent thousands of hours developing our offering, ADEPT™, and worked with an excellent group of forward-thinking fuel distributors and industry leading back-office system (BOS) companies to design and deliver our algorithms and platform.

Every day over the past 1-1/2 years, I have talked about ADEPT™ in the future tense. I projected larger and fewer deliveries, customized scheduling by tank, and the ability to deliver to more customers without the need to add delivery vehicles. Even as ADEPT™ clients signed on, I kept looking forward to the day that I could change from “this is what ADEPT™ will do” to “this is what ADEPT™ has done”. I needed to stop talking about how everything WOULD line up and be able to show what it DID.

That day has arrived!

I was able to review actual results of an ADEPT™ client, a forward-thinking one, who has been with us since ADEPT’s inception in late 2019.

Access the ADEPT™ Performance Infographic

Written by Phil Baratz