Imagine if you had a job opening for a position with the following requirements:

• Pulling data from BOS, budget, etc.

• Creating automated custom reports for management on customer gain/losses, budget variances, delivery history, and performance, service data.

• Analyzing your customer data for outliers

• Working with the dispatch team and the BOS on “smarter” deliveries

What would you pay for that position?

What if in addition to the reporting, he/she saved you 20% of your delivery costs, equaling hundreds of thousands of dollars every year?

What if he/she created opportunities for increased sales and profits by another few hundred thousand dollars?

What would you pay for that?

Would you be willing to pay zero until you were convinced that all of this was, indeed, happening?

Right now, you are paying $3.00, $4.00, $5.00 for supply
Right now, you are paying 30¢, 40¢, 50¢ to offer pricing programs to your customers.

Shouldn’t you be willing to pay a penny to have all of those benefits?

The results matter. The results are proven. We are confident that ADEPT can fill this “opening” — so confident that we guarantee that your cost will be zero until you are convinced of the beneficial financial impact to your company AND the benefits of substantially lowering the pressure on your dispatch team during their busiest season.  We can help you. Click here to learn more!