Your Service Department: A Hidden Gem

If you’re reading this and the sun is still rising every day, it’s likely a great time to improve your profitability in your Service (and Installation) department. In the past, the Service department had traditionally been a loss leader for most dealers and, therefore, represented one of the biggest and quickest opportunities for a dealer to grow their profitability. And that remains true to this day, despite the fact that most full-service dealers have already transitioned their Service departments from a loss leader to a profit center.

With the transition to focusing on Service department profitability, dealers like you have had to shift the mindset of your organizations, along with overhauling processes and systems to match your new ambitions. As with any complex organizational change, it can be frustrating because it takes time to implement and you are never truly “finished” as long as you are still in business.

But what if you had a roadmap to show you how to grow your service department profitability by 25% or more over the next year? To guide you on your journey toward greater Service department profitability and consistency, Angus recently published an article discussing the five areas that will help you polish your gem of a Service department.

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