Indoor Comfort Marketing 11.2023

Who’s Monitoring Your Monitoring?

Tank monitors are meant to take away the uncertainty of asking yourself, “How much will I deliver to this tank today?” Better put, tank monitors put an end to the challenge of relying on questionable K-factor consumption calculations. If you know how much you will deliver to a particular tank, you can achieve the two most important improvements imaginable: increased delivery size and optimal fleet management.

A Modern Approach to Delivery Planning

A Modern Approach to Delivery Planning

Most fuel marketers still rely heavily on K-Factors to predict, prioritize and route their deliveries. This method of calculating next delivery based upon a mathematical formula has allowed fuel marketers to operate as efficiently as possible. But are K-factors really the most efficient option?

Data, Data, Data

Data, data, and – oh, yeah – more data

They say history repeats itself and nothing is more true than when it comes to your customers. To maximize profitability, it is imperative that you look at your customer data history, leveraging it to find the ways you can increase your future profits. Weather history, degree-day history, delivery history, price history, equipment installation, and service history -- this data is your most prized possession. Not only is it your customer list and your “official record” of customer behavior – but if utilized correctly, it provides insights into their future behavior...

Press Release

Nicolas Pintabona Joins Angus Energy

Angus Energy is proud to announce that Nicolas Pintabona has joined the company as an Account Executive, Hedging. In this role, Nick will be focused on helping us leverage hedging opportunities for our current client list as well as helping to expand our footprint in the Northeast.

Understanding Your Delivery Costs

Understanding Your Delivery Costs

Your ultimate goal is to manage your deliveries such that you spend the lowest amount of time and money keeping your customers tanks with more than enough fuel to satisfy their needs – without risking too many runouts. Managing those expenses requires focusing on both the fixed costs of your assets – i.e., your delivery trucks and associated expenses (insurance, maintenance, etc.), as well as the variable costs – i.e. driver wages and benefits, fuel for the delivery trucks, wear and tear on vehicles, etc.

To Hedge or Not To Hedge

To Hedge or Not to Hedge…

When considering whether to hedge (or not to), it is important to review the following key factors: Variable Cost Structure: , Fixed Cost Structure, Inflation, and Interest Rates.

The Results Are In!

Angus Energy was pleased to provide supplemental statistics and data for Gray, Gray & Gray, LLP’s 2023 Annual Energy & Propane Industry Survey and we are excited to announce the release of this year’s results! Gray, Gray & Gray has assisted companies over the past three decades by providing key benchmarking data for their present…

Unlearning Is Hard

Unlearning Is Hard!

Albert Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Almost 100% of the objections we see relative to our offerings are based on prior behavior that has become part of a company’s DNA. Routines and mindsets become rooted in consistent behavior and thought – people and…

How Do You Make it Cold?

How Do You Make It Cold?

How Do You Make it Cold? You cannot control the weather, but you can control the impact the weather has on your business. There is an old joke about some guys sitting together talking about their “best” insurance scam escapades that ends with the line, “So, how do you make a flood?” (If you don’t…

Business Finance 101: Budgeting By Rashaan Baskerville, Sr. Director of Angus Finance

Business Finance 101: Budgeting

A budget is a financial plan based upon your business goals, which forecasts profit and loss within each area of your company to define your net income for the year. Developing a sound budget is all about quantifying your business model for the next 12 months. What are the elements that drive your business and…