The New ICE

In my iPhone, under ICE, for “In Case of Emergency” is, logically, my wife’s contact information. Not sure whom she would have people contact in the case of an emergency – my guess is that it would be one of my kids. That is probably logical, as well! In our ever-changing world of retail oil…

Top Takeaways from “Unlock Your Customer’s Secrets”

Recently our very own Phil Baratz was at the Eastern Energy EXPO in Hershey, PA and NEFI EXPO in Worcester, MA where he presented how to unlock your customer’s secrets. He received thoughtful questions so we put together a list of the top takeaways and FAQs.   Analyzing your customer base to better understand how…

Savvy or Scared?

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. – Tech Savvy mantra Just because you should, doesn’t mean you will. – Tech Scared mantra With the world of technology rapidly changing, and often bypassing us at lightening-speed, it is difficult to understand all the costs and benefits of the various offerings that we are bombarded with.

Is $600 a lot of money?

One thing the industry has been lacking is a good set of reference points, commonly referred to as Benchmarks. Without benchmarks, you only know how you are doing relative to the budget you set for yourself...

Creating a Culture of Informed Decision Making

Every day, the most important job everyone in your company does is to make sure your fuel business performs well. Yet as logical as this sounds, it is actually quite difficult to pull off.

Propane Pitfalls and Your Business

In recent years, long-established heating oil dealers have been jumping into the propane delivery business at a quickening pace, in an effort

Renting or Buying

As the statistics continue to show, the percentage of residences occupied by renters, versus those occupied by owners, continues to grow