Who needs monitors the most?

It might come as news that on average, 70% of all dealer operating expenses are directly related to fuel delivery.  These expenses include trucks (and everything needed keep them running) as well as Dispatch and Delivery personnel (and all their associated costs). Tank Monitor -- you’ve heard about them, you may have tested a few and may even have decided it’s time to start investing in monitors to improve efficiency, but where do you start?

It’s not the K!!!

The requirement to predict both consumption numbers based on heat usage in addition to baseload usage was ALWAYS difficult. Not only has it always been difficult, but this year it has become even more difficult. We hear very often about people who are reviewing K’s and who are “fixing their K’s”.  The question we would ask is, “how do you know the Ks are wrong?”

The odds have changed, has your behavior?

by Philip Baratz Imagine you are sitting at a blackjack table with a $25 bet placed.  The dealer is showing a 5, and you have been dealt a 6 and a 5.  The hand is looking good, so what do you do?  Anyone who has ever played blackjack, or any other “game of chance”, understands…

Strategies you can implement NOW to address an unpredictable winter

Angus has studied many fuel delivery issues over the past few years, and this year there are several unique issues that we have never encountered before. Our industry has always been challenged by unpredictable deliveries based on K-Factor. While there is a correlation between the weather and consumption, the correlation is too often not strong…

K-factors are suffering from the pandemic, as well

Written by: Philip Baratz, president of Angus Energy We are all familiar with the famous disclaimer: “Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results”.  In our world, that of HISTORICAL K-factor deliveries, past performance is heavily relied upon – mostly successfully.  Yet, the pandemic that swept our nation over the past 7 months will…